Dissertations and Habilitation Treaties

Current and completed dissertations as well as postdoctoral theses
of the Working Group Mathematics Education (Secondary Education)

Habilitation Treaties

Dr. Christian Fahse

Written argumentation in learning groups

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Dr. Tim Lutz

Evaluate open response formats automatically with AI, AR and CAS systems

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Completed Dissertations

Dr. Patrizia Enenkiel

Promote diagnostic skills with video vignettes and feedback - group work processes for determining lengths, areas and spaces (2022)

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Dr. Michaela Lichti

Encouraging functional thinking - experimenting with representational materials or computer simulations (2018)

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Dr. Anna Noll

Overcoming reading barriers in an inclusive mathematics classroom - results of a qualitative and a quantitative study (2019)

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Prof. Dr. Tobias Rolfes

Functional reasoning - Empirical results on the influence of static and dynamic representations (2017)

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Dr. Moritz Walz

The intervention behavior of students with divergent process diagnostic ability "interpreting" (2020)

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Dissertations in Progress

Marie-Elene Bartel

Diagnose and support students' conceptualization processes with video vignettes

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Alex Engelhardt

Assessment processes of prospective mathematics teachers in analyzing interactive worksheets on functional relationships

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Lars Friedhoff

Basic mathematical concepts in applied mathematics education at tertiary level

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Rita Kittel 

Enhancing student teachers' diagnostic skills using videos - How do students deal with function graphs?

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Rolf Oechsler

Investigating teaching-learning processes in the context of a mathematics student laboratory

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Henrik Ossadnik

Hypothesis testing ideas

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Stefan Schumacher

Representational skills - Using the example of basic ideas about fractions and the fraction calculus

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Madana Treiber

Effects of diagnostic competence on procedural teaching quality using the example of motivation

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