AK MSS - Working Group Upper School Mathematics RLP

The working group MSS ("Mainzer Studienstufe") - in short: AK MSS - at the RPTU in Landau in the department of Mathematics Education (Secondary Level) under Prof. Jürgen Roth develops concepts for upper-level mathematics in Rhineland-Palatinate together with consultants for instructional development in mathematics and subject consultants in mathematics. The goal of the working group is to support teachers in planning and developing upper-level mathematics lessons by jointly developing and publishing ideas and concepts.



So far, results of our work have been published in the following issue of the journal mathematik lehren:

Roth, J.; Siller, H.-S. (Hrsg.) (2016). Bestand und Änderung. Mathematik lehren, 199, Dezember 2016.

Current Fields of Work

Currently, the working group deals with the fundamental ideas of the following topics of calculus:

>  notion of limits

> Introduction to the integral calculus
Introduction to the differential calculus

For these topics viable basic concepts are worked out and presented, as well as instruction series are developed, which serve the structure and the examination of these basic concepts.

Project Participants

Advisors for the development of mathematics lessons RLP

  • Dr. Christina Bauer
  • Anja Becher
  • Isabell Moll
  • Katalin Retterath
  • Elisabeth Weber

Subject Advisors Mathematics RLP

Dr. Christian Fahse
Hellen Ossmann

Mathematics Teachers

  • Jochen Dörr
  • Dr. Ralf Wagner

Members of the WG Didactics of Mathematics (Secondary Levels)

    Dr. Christian Fahse
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Roth

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