Projects and Services

WG Mathematics Education (Secondary Levels)

The projects and services of the working group aim at four different groups: researchers, students at school, teachers and university students. Each project or service corresponds with one or more of the following icons, assigning them to the groups accordingly.

Math Lab

Math Lab "Math is More"

The mathematics laboratory "Math is more" is based on three pillars

  • Student support,
  • teacher training and
  • didactic research.

Teaching material collection of the institute

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Video Vignettes for the Analysis of Teaching and Learning Processes

The video tool ViviAn is a digital learning environment for training diagnostic skills in all phases of teacher education. Videos of real group work processes of students are analyzed, and the diagnostic results are compared with expert diagnoses.

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Teaching mathematics with technology in a sustainable way, focusing on basic concepts

The MaTeGnu professional development initiative aims to develop the quality of teaching and digital literacy in mathematics at the secondary level in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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LFB-Labs digital

Student labs as places for teacher professionalisation in the digital world

Joint project funded by the BMBF.

Competence network learning:digital

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Problem solving in digital systems

Research group funded by the research initiative of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Video vignette-based diagnosis in e-exams

Sub-project as part of the project "Making digital skills visible and increasing them for everyone" (DigiKompASS)

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Dissertation Projects and Habilitation Treaties

Here, projects of the doctoral and postdoctoral students of the AG are presented.

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GeoGebra Institute

GeoGebra Institute Landau (RLP)

The GeoGebra-Institut Landau (RLP) offers teacher training and intensive days for trainee teachers on the dynamic mathematics system GeoGebra.

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Dynamic Mathematics

Interactive worksheets and learning paths for teaching mathematics are offered here. Among other things, they were created and tested in two teacher working groups.

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Seminar Southwest

The Seminar Southwest is a mathematics didactics doctoral seminar organized and conducted by the AG Didaktik der Mathematik (Sekundarstufen) together with colleagues from six universities.

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Teaching Mathematics Independently Authentically Digital

MathLead offers student teachers a hybrid teaching-learning practicum with a focus on individualization through basic skills. They tutor students who have learning difficulties in individualized remedial courses. Students use representational and digital materials to develop basic ideas about mathematical concepts.

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Mathematics Day

The Institute of Mathematics Campus Landau invites students of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 and teachers of mathematics in secondary schools to the Mathematics Day every two years.

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The CampusSchule combines university teaching and research at the Landau Campus of the University of Koblenz-Landau with the challenges of school practice.

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Link of the Month

A link related to mathematics education will be posted here monthly.

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