Completed Projects

WG Mathematics Education (Secondary Levels)


Implementation Processes in Educational Settings

For the transfer of research-based innovations of teaching and learning into classroom practice, teachers are the crucial actors. The project explores how teacher training must be designed to foster the implementation of innovation in the classroom.

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Webbased Learning-Tools for Teacher Education

The WeLT project is a contribution to digitalisation in teacher education and aims to didactically expand existing university teaching-learning contexts through web-based offerings and to expand and combine existing web-based platforms and tools in a learning process-oriented manner.

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Agile and Integrated Learning

In a teaching-learning-laboratory seminar, student teachers design laboratory learning environments for students, in particular with the help of dynamic worksheets based on the dynamic mathematics system GeoGebra. In the course of the seminar, the student teachers' ability to analyze such dynamic worksheets in the process of their creation is trained.

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Mathematics Lab Digital

Subproject within the second funding round of the project MoSAiK of the Quality Offensive Teacher Education.

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Video Material as a Diagnostic and Reflection Tool in the Teaching-Learning Laboratory and Large-Scale Events.

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Functional Thinking

The Influence of Static and Dynamic Representations on Functional Reasoning.

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Student Labs as Teaching-Learning Labs

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Conceptualization Processes

Diagnose and Support Students' Conceptualization Processes with Video Vignettes

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Promoting Functional Thinking

Representational Materials or Computer Simulations?

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Developing Diagnostic Competence with Video Vignettes - The Impact of Feedback

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Analysis of Mathematics Didactic Elements in Teaching Situations.

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Research Initiative Educational Sciences

The goal is the conception, implementation and evaluation of a systematic networking of school and out-of-school learning locations.

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Inclusive Learning Materials

How Should Learning Materials be Designed in Inclusion Classrooms? -

Empirical investigation of work processes depending on instructional materials.

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DFG Graduate School

Teaching Processes

Research on teaching-learning processes in the classroom is conducted in collaboration with subject didactics, psychology, and empirical pedagogy..

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Diagnostic Skills

Fostering Diagnostic Skills in Teacher Trainees

How do students deal with function graphs?

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Dealing Constructively with Heterogeneity in Mathematics Teaching at Secondary Level I

The HeMaS project offers 30 schools in Rhineland-Palatinate an intensive support program for dealing with heterogeneity in mathematics classes.

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Departmental College

Education and Environment

The Departmental College of Education and the Environment promotes, bundles, and develops collaborations within Department 7 at the environmental-education interface.

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Working Group Digital Mathematics

The mathematics working group (AK) forms the Rhineland-Palatinate editorial team for the database and creates wiki learning paths for mathematics teaching.

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AK Teaching-Learning-Labs


The Working Group Teaching-Learning-Labs Mathematics is an association of teaching-learning labs in German-speaking countries under the umbrella of the Society for Didactics of Mathematics.

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Intensive Support and Training in Mathematics in the Teaching-Learning Laboratory

As part of the federal government's "Catching Up to Corona for Children and Youth" action program, our student lab has been offering the Mathematics in the Teaching-Learning Lab Intensive Support and Training program for high school students since November 2021 to address pandemic learning gaps in basic middle and high school concepts.

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MINT-Lab Digital

The Future of STEM Learning

In the development network of five universities, concepts for good STEM teaching in the digital world are being developed, tested and integrated into teacher training.

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Working Group Upper School Mathematics RLP

The MSS ("Mainzer Studienstufe") working group at the University of Landau develops concepts for upper-level mathematics in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Subject Didactic Research Perspectives on Functions

The working group f³ reviews and networks the current state of research on functions and functional reasoning and develops perspectives for the future of this research area within mathematics education.

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