Mathematics Education (Secondary Levels)

Stairs to the RPTU campus in Landau.

The Working Group Mathematics Education (Secondary Levels) is located on the first floor of Building I at the top of the stairs on the left-hand side.

Mathematics Education (Secondary Levels)

Institute for Mathematics
RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Fortstraße 7, 76829 Landau,
Building I, Ground Floor

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Head of the Working Group
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Roth

Office Administration
Tanja Gutzler

  • The rooms of the working group Didactics of Mathematics (Secondary Levels) are located on the first floor of building I on the Fortstraße campus of the RPTU in Landau.
  • The location is also marked on Google maps.
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Directions to the Campus Landau
  • Directions to Campus Landau of the RPTU can be found here.
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