Dissertation Project Rolf Oechsler

Examination of Teaching-Learning Processes in the Context of a Mathematics Laboratory for Pupils [Untersuchung von Lehr-Lernprozessen im Kontext eines Schülerlabors Mathematik]

The laboratory stations of the mathematics laboratory "Math is more", a student laboratory for mathematics at the University of Koblenz-Landau at the Landau campus, represent structured teaching-learning arrangements. After completion of all components, the lab stations are first tested for their practicability (Are the work instructions comprehensible? Are the tasks being carried out as intended? Are the materials and computer simulations used?) and modified if necessary. In further processing phases with groups of pupils of different school types it is examined to what extent learning processes concerning the subject matter are triggered or can be determined in the participants.

While this type of investigation, also called design experiment, often takes place either in regular classroom instruction or in laboratory situations with pairs or small groups of learners (cf. Prediger et al. 2012), the setting in the mathematics laboratory in Landau represents an important intermediate stage: The laboratory experiment, which enables targeted observation and documentation by eliminating disruptive factors on the one hand and the extensive independence of the learners in working on the tasks presented on the other, is conducted with entire school classes, so that group-dynamic work and learning processes, as they typically occur in classroom instruction, do not have to be faded out.

The laboratory station "Figurative Numbers" is designed for the double grade 7/8 and includes, based on investigations of figurative numbers, problems and tasks on the topic "Forming and transforming terms with one variable". On the basis of this laboratory station, aspects such as the use of simulations and objective material, the formulation or presentation of work assignments or the provision of assistance are examined with regard to the initiation of learning processes.



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[This dissertation was written and is only available in german. Our summary was translated by our website team. Possible quotations have been translated in accordance with scientific regularia.]