Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is made up of elected members from the group of professors, representatives of academic staff, representatives of non-academic staff and students. It elects the Dean and other members of the Dean's team (Vice-Deans) from among the professors for a fixed term (two years).

The task of the Faculty Council is to advise and decide on the use of the faculty's resources (e.g. financial and material resources) and on fundamental questions of research and teaching (including study and examination regulations).


Members of the Faculty Council

Professors                          Institutes
Prof. Dr. Oliver Frör Environmental Sciences
Prof. Dr. Dirk FelzmannNatural Science Education
Prof. Dr. Silke SinningSports
Prof. Dr. Andreas LorkeEnvironmental Sciences
Prof. Dr. Stephanie SchulerMathematics
Prof. Dr. Sandra NitzNatural Science Education
Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Mathilde KnottEnvironmental Sciences
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Roth Mathematics
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mirco BundschuhEnvironmental Sciences


Academic Staff                              Institutes
Dr. Alexander Engl   Natural Science Education
Dr. Anne ThielschEnvironmental Sciences
Dr. Klaus SchützenmeisterEnvironmental Sciences


Non-academic Staff            Institutes
Silvia EichhöferEnvironmental Sciences


 Alina Nitschke
Leonhard Hasselbeck
Franziska Thees
Annalisa Saatweber