Organisation of the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Dean's office

The management function lies with the Dean's Office, which is made up of a team. The dean's team defines the general strategic goals of the faculty and is responsible for all decisions and their preparation. Although the Dean has overall responsibility, the division of competences between the Vice Deans for Research and for Teaching, supported by the associated committees for Research and the Promotion of Young Academics and for Studies and Teaching, has proven to be very effective and results-orientated.



The Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences consists of four institutes as organisational units, in which working groups (WGs) are located according to their research focus. There are currently 26 working groups in the department, which are headed by professors and represent the main organisational unit. The heads of the working groups are responsible for ensuring that their working group fulfils its tasks in research, teaching and academic self-administration.


Subjects and studies

In the area of studies, the faculty is divided into 7 subjects, which are responsible for teaching and are independent of the institutes. The subjects are responsible for their respective degree programmes and ensure the teaching of their subject in other degree programmes. The department offers a total of 28 degree programmes.