Ecological importance of floodplains of small streams

Project description

Floodplains are important habitats connecting rivers and terrestrial ecosystems. In this project, we aim to analyze the ecological importance of floodplains of small streams. We are particularly interested in the potential of floodplains to support biodiversity and their importance regarding aquatic-terrestrial linkages. We further want to investigate how biodiversity and linkages are influenced by the surrounding land-use (e.g. agriculture, urban, forest) and the water regime of the streams. For the latter we assume, that small streams will increasingly be characterized by lower water flow levels or even drought periods. Data will be collected in a large field study in 2021 and a mesocosm experiment in 2022. Our results will give important implications for the conservation and management of small streams and their riparian areas.

Participating researchers in Landau






Eußerthal Ecosystem Research Station (EERES)


biodiversity, global change; small streams; arthropods, carabids; Germany