Environmental Economics

Teaser Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics


Prof. Dr. Oliver Frör
Fortstraße 7

76829 Landau

Secretary's Office

Tel.: +49 6341 280 31325
E-Mail: sek-umwelt@uni-landau.de

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Profile of the Working Group

Our Mission

Human activities have led to continious depletion of natural resources and have greatly altered the functioning of ecosystems. We are working on the development of institutional systems that lead to incentives for human actors to use resources and natural ecosystems in a more sustainable way. Consequently, decision making must take into account the services that ecosystems provide to humans (ecosystem services).

Our Expertise

The main expertise of the working group lies in the field of survey research. An assessment of the Total Economic Value of ecosystem services requires surveys with representative household samples. We have expertise in conducting such surveys in various socio-economic and cultural contexts, esp. in Germany, South America and Africa.

We apply surveys also in other environmentally related contexts like mobility.

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