Lectures in Data analysis and Statistics

We run two courses in the field of data analysis and statistics:

1) The course "Tools for complex data analysis" consisting of a univariate and multivariate part (Module ETX3/B2 for M.Sc. Environmental Science and M.Sc. Ecotoxicology). You find the course materials on github and OpenOLAT

2) The multivariate part of the online study program in M.Sc. Environmental Sciences (Module B2). You find the course materials on github and  OpenOLAT.

To enable (1) studying from home for our students, online students and people outside of our university, (2) studying at own pace and (3) watching the course again at a later stage (e.g. preparation for the exam, data analysis for thesis), the course materials are largely publicly available. Note that all material comes without guarantee! However, the practical exercises and assignments are limited to students (including online students) of our university.

Our course is gratefully supported by

We thank www.datacomp.com for providing access to their course materials, which we use for exercises and assignments.

In case you have any comments regarding content, please feel free to contact me, but note that I generally do not respond to computer issues or questions for statistical advice.