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Working Group Quantitative Landscape Ecology

Work Group Profile

Our Mission

The working group conducts research that advances the understanding and prediction of human impacts on freshwater ecosystems and enables the sustainable management and conservation of freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functions and their services.

Our Expertise

  • Risk assessment of toxicants
  • Field investigations and experiments
  • Invertebrate and microbial communities
  • Quantification of ecosystem functions
  • Sampling and analysis of organic chemicals
  • Trait-based approaches for stress ecology
  • Advanced analysis of ecological and environmental data
  • Spatial, (geo-) statistical and dynamic ecological modeling
  • Ecological theory and environmental change


Head of Work Group: Dr. Jürg Spaak

Fortstraße 7
Building I
D-76829 Landau

Secretary's Office

Ellen Klawitter
Tel.: +49 6341 280 31325
E-Mail: ellen.klawitter (at)

Office hours by appointment

Office Hours Study Program

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  • Single and joint impacts of anthropogenic stressors such as organic toxicants and climate change on invertebrate and microbial communities and ecosystem functions (e.g. organic matter processing, primary production) in streams and rivers
  • Effect propagation over the land-water interface focussing on emerging aquatic insects
  • Relationship between communities, their descriptors (e.g. biodiversity) and ecosystem functioning
  • Spatial and process-based modeling of the relevance of environmental stressors for community assembly
  • Development of data analysis and modeling tools that aid in the assessment of risks from stressors in streams and rivers