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Dr. Alessandro Manfrin


Building I, room 0.
Fortstr. 7
76829 Landau


Tel.: +49 6341 280 31361
E-Mail: manfrin (at)


Freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem

More Information

Applied ecology, conservation, and evolution freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. Analysis of large spatial and temporal datasets using linear and non-linear mixed-effects modelling in which potential spatial and serial dependency are considered.

  • Since 2017 : Postdoc, University of Koblenz-Landau, Institute for Environmental Sciences, in SystemLink. Topic: Effect of micro-pollutants on aquatic terrestrial interface.
  • 2017 – 2020: Postdoc, University of Applied Sciences Trier, Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld and University of Duisburg-Essen.
  • Gerstle, Verena; Manfrin, Alessandro; Kolbenschlag, Sara; Gerken, Maximilian; Islam, A. Mufachcher UlS.M.; Entling, Martin H. et al. (2023) Benthic macroinvertebrate community shifts based on Bti-induced chironomid reduction also decrease Odonata emergence. In: Environ Pollut 316, S. 120488. DOI Link

  • Roodt, Alexis P.; Roeder, Nina; Pietz, Sebastian; Kolbenschlag, Sara; Manfrin, Alessandro; Schwenk, Klaus et al. (2022) Emerging Midges Transport Pesticides from Aquatic to TerrestrialEcosystems: Importance of Compound- and Organism-SpecificParameters. In: Environ Sci Technol 56 (9), S. 5478–5488. DOI Link

  • Stehle, S.; Manfrin, A.; Feckler, A.; Graf, T.; Joschko, T. J.; Jupke, J.; Noss, C.; Rösch V.; Schirmel, J.; Schmidt, T.; Zubrod, JP.; Schulz, R. (2022) Structural and functional development of twelve newly established floodplain pond mesocosms. In: Ecology and evolution 12, e8674. DOI Link

  • De Necker, L.; Manfrin, A.; Ikenaka, Y.; Ishizuka, M.; Brendonck, L.; van Vuren, JH. J; Sures, B.; Wepener, V.;Smit, NJ. (2020) Using stable δ13C and δ15N isotopes to assess foodweb structures in an African subtropical temporary pool. In: African Zoology. DOI Link

  • Manfrin, A.; Bunzel-Drüke, M.; Lorenz, AW; Maire, A.; Scharf, M.; Zimball, O.; Stoll, S. (2020) The effect of lateral connectedness on the taxonomic and functional structure of fish communities in a lowland river floodplain. In: Science of The Total Environment. DOI Link

  • Manfrin, A.; Teurlincx, S.; Lorenz, AW; Haase, P.; Marttila, M.; Syrjänen, JT; Gregor, T.; Stoll, S. (2019) Effect of river restoration on life-history strategies in fish communities. In: Science of The Total Environment, 663: 486-495. DOI Link
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