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Dr. Marina Arias


Fortstr. 7
Gebäude I , Raum 0.01 , 1. UG
76829 Landau




Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests

Anthropogenic impacts; stream ecology; macroinvertebrates; multiple stressors; food production systems; aquatic-terrestrial linkages


Project: Crayfish/ALAN

Impact of the invasive Signal Crayfish (Parastacus leniusculus) and Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) on the aquatic-terrestrial linkage

Major questions:

How do invasive signal crayfish affect the emergence of aquatic insects? How ALAN changes the emergence patterns of merolimnic insects? How is the effect of the night-active signal crayfish modulated by light? How do these stressors affect the food quality for terrestrial predators? What are the potential effects on riparian food webs?


The invasive signal crayfish might affect the macroinvertebrate community composition in streams and consequently the emergence of merolimnic insects. This may affect also the subsidy for terrestrial predators and on riparian food webs, affecting the linkage between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The project aims to assess the impact of signal crayfish under normal light conditions and under Artificial Light at Night (ALAN). The latter is a factor of “emerging” interest and could modulate crayfish activity (i.e. they are night active) and the emergence of insects. We run a six-week experiment in the Riparian Stream Mesocosm Facility (RSM) assessing the effect of crayfish, ALAN, and their combination on the benthic and drifting macroinvertebrate community, the emergence of aquatic insects, and the terrestrial community. The effect on riparian food webs will be assessed by the fatty acid composition (via GC-FID) of aquatic and terrestrial subsidies as well as Stable Isotopes Analysis.

Personal Information

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Marina Arias


04/2014 – 03/2019 Doctorate degree in Natural Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Musseum, La Plata National University (UNLP), Argentina

02/2007 – 11/2013 Bachelor in Biology orientation Ecology. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Musseum, La Plata National University (UNLP), Argentina

Research Publications

11/2022 Arias M, Bonetto C, Fanelli SL, Scenna L, Miglioranza KSB, Mugni H, Macroinvertebrate assemblages in lowland streams under horticultural impact (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Hydrobiologia (2022)

03/2020 Arias M, Bonetto C, Mugni H. Sublethal effects on Simocephalus vetulus (Cladocera: Daphnidae) of pulse exposures of cypermethrin. Ecotox Environ Saf, 196:110546

12/2019 Arias M, Scalise A, Solis M, Paracampo A, Indaco M, Fanelli S, Mugni H, Bonetto C. Horticulture affects invertebrate assemblages in adjacent streams (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Know Manag Freshw Ecosys, 421: 5

01/2019 Solis M, Arias M, Fanelli S, Bonetto C, Mugni H. Agrochemicals’ effects on functional feeding groups of macroinvertebrates in Pampas streams. Ecol Ind 101: 373-379

Communications at Scientific Meetings

03/2022 Feckler A, Meyer M, Arias M, Bundschuh M. Direct and indirect effects of the fungicide fluopyram on an aquatic decomposer-detritivore system. SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting, Copenhagen

03/2022 Meyer M, Feckler A, Arias M, Bundschuh M. Waterborne and Diet Related Effects of the Fungicide Fluopyram on an Aquatic Decomposer Detritivore System. 11th Young Environmental Scientists Meeting

03/2022 Arias M, Marrochi N, Mancini L, Nicolosi Gelis M, Mujica M., Pecile A., Cochero J, Fanelli S, Bonetto C, Mugni H. Uso de bioensayos para evaluar la toxicidad de los efluentes del Cinturón Hortícola Platense. VIII Congreso Argentino de la SETAC, Mar del Plata.

11/2021 Mancini L, Arias M, Altieri P, Bonetto C (2021). Bioensayos de toxicidad como herramienta para evaluar la contaminación en el Cinturón Hortícola Platense. IX Jornadas de Jóvenes Investigadores y Extensionistas, La Plata.

07/2021 Arias M. Impact of food production in Pampean Streams. Global Change Colloqium. Universität Koblenz-Landau (Conference). Landau, Germany.

11/2019 Arias M, Bonetto C, Paracampo A, Mugni H. “Efecto de pulsos de toxicidad de cipermetrina sobre Simocephalus vetulus (Cladocera: Daphniidae)”. X Congreso de Ecología y Manejo de Ecosistemas Acuáticos Pampeanos. Azul, Argentina.

11/2017 Arias M, Scalise A, Paracampo A, Fanelli S, Latini L, Indaco M, Loewy R, Mugni H, Bonetto C. Efecto de la horticultura intensiva sobre arroyos pampeanos. IX Congreso de Ecología y Manejo de Ecosistemas Acuáticos Pampeanos. La Plata, Argentina.

11/2015 Arias M, Scalise AM, Marrochi MN, Fanelli SL, Paracampo A, Mugni H, Bonetto C. Efecto de la horticultura en los ensambles de invertebrados de arroyos pampeanos. VIII Congreso de Ecología y Manejo de Ecosistemas Acuáticos Pampeanos. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

10/2015 Arias M, Bonetto C, Mugni H. Toxicidad de clorpirifos para Simocephalus vetulus (Cladocera: Daphnidae). Congreso Latinoamericano de la Sociedad de Toxicología y Química Ambiental. Buenos Aires, Argentina

10/2014 Arias M, Bonetto C, Mugni H. Ensayos de crecimiento de Simocephalus sp. y pruebas preliminares de toxicidad. V Congreso Argentino de la Sociedad de Toxicología y Química Ambiental. Neuquén, Argentina

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