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Drei erfolgreiche Disputationen in zwei Tagen

Der Fachbereich freut sich über drei weitere erfolgreiche Disputationen. Herzliche Glückwünsche an:

Alexis Pieter Roodt
Thema der Dissertation: Aquatic-terrestrial transfer of current-use pesticides by emerging aquatic insects and potential for dietary exposure of terrestrial insectivores.
Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Ralf Schulz, Dr. Alessandro Manfrin

Bai Honefa Caroline Bertille Ganglo
Thema der Dissertation: Effects of an anthropogenic stressor on carbon biogeochemical processes and fluxes in water to land transition zones of ponds.
Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lorke, Dr. Clara Mendoza-Lera

Sascha Bub
Thema der Dissertation: A systemic large-scale assessment of risks from pesticide use for different organism groups in the United States of America and Germany based on a labeled property graph.
Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Ralf Schulz, Dr. Sebastian Stehle






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